advertising that
goes the extra mile
Extreme Graphics - Advertising that goes the extra mile!

Why Extreme Graphics?

Extreme Graphics, established in 2005, has set the standard for changeable truck-side advertising in the industry. Through valued partnerships with Coca-Cola among others they have generated over 500 programs in Canada and the United States. Other companies that have benefited from this rapidly growing medium include Canadian Tire, Moosehead, Loblaw's, Natrel, and Lowe's.

The Re-Gripp system provides the ability to change the ads on both sides of a 53' Semi-Trailer in less than an hour. Re-Gripp is comprised of a 3M Dual Lock framework that will not damage the sides of the trailer and will perform in all climates and weather conditions. Extreme Graphics offers a limited lifetime warranty on the trailer portion of the system.


96% of consumers are exposed to fleet vehicles weekly (ARBITRON US OUTDOOR STUDY 2001)
87% of those surveyed can recall ads displayed on vehicles (ROBINSON, YESAWICH & PEPPERDINE 2002)
98% of respondents believe fleet advertising creates a positive brand image equal to billboard advertising (RY&P STUDY FOR 3M CORP)

Billboard Pricing Comparison

Billboard rentals in downtown Toronto can cost up to $40,000 per month. A 6-month comparable private fleet ad program at $240,000 (6 X $40K) ($40K/month) will allow you to wrap up to 100+ vehicles (Depending on size and volume) each generating between 25 - 40,000 impressions per day (GTA markets) depending on market choice. That's a potential of 4,000,000 impressions per month (48,000,000 per year)