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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of trucks/surfaces can this system be installed on?
    • This program can be installed on any non-porous surface
    • Semi trailers, straight trucks, and cube vans are the most common
    • Also use the program for billboards and other large-format signage applications
  2. What is the system/program made up of?
    • 1" Wide 3M Dual Lock reusable fasteners installed on the perimeter of the substrate matching the pattern of Dual Lock on the reverse side of full colour vinyl banners.
    • Additional adhesion is provided by a security tab system installed proportionally on the inside perimeter of the Dual Lock pattern
    • Full color vinyl banners are produced by Extreme Graphics as per creative submitted by the client. EG provides a full color/size proofing exercise to ensure customer satisfaction
    • Banners are printed on a 12oz/square yard minimum weight vinyl material
    • EG has clients that change their ads 2 - 4 times per year. (ie Seasonal or New product campaigns)
  3. How does it work?
    • The system is installed primarily on the sides (advertising faces) of trucks, trailers, and/or signs.
    • The front vertical contains a double-strip of Dual Lock where the most wind resistance exists
    • A Single strip is installed on the top and bottom horizontal allowing 2 small openings in the bottom horizontal for drainage of moisture from behind the banner
    • 2 - 4" vents in the rear vertical allow any wind that gets behind the banner to escape. This creates a "vacuum effect" forcing the banner to cling closer to the sides of the truck/trailer
  4. Does it damage the truck/trailer?
    • Our system is a rivet, bolt, screw-free application to avoid damage to truck/trailer sides
    • The trailer portion of the system can be removed at any time without damaging the surface
  5. What are the legal parameters of the system?
    • The US and Canadian width regulation of a commercial vehicle is 102.36". A standard dry van is 102" wide and our system projects less than 3/16" from the substrate. Therefore, our system does not exceed width regulations
    • EG guarantees the truck/trailer portion of the frame system for the life of the truck/trailer
    • EG carries a $5-mil liability policy insuring all installations of the system
    • EG offers a 2-year guarantee on the inks on the banner against fading
    • EG does not insure your vinyl banners due to uncontrollable factors such as driver or unforeseen abuse
  6. Does the vinyl ad tear? What happens when it does?
    • The vinyl is extremely durable but will tear if it comes in contact with sharp, metal-like objects.
    • Depending on the severity of the tear the banner may need to be repaired or replaced. Small tears in the vinyl will not affect the functionality of the system as long as wind-build-up behind the banner doesn't exceed venting causing a "ballooning effect"
    • Repair/maintenance programs can be discussed
    • We repair vinyl tears using a clear tape application.
  7. How does truck advertising compare with other outdoor mediums?
    • It is the oldest form of mobile advertising in existence today. Dating back to the first delivery trucks in New York. The oldest known truck side ad was photographed in 1912. Today, truck side advertising has become increasingly popular due to improved signage technology and the realization ads on trucks are more visible and dynamic than ads on buses or billboards
    • 96% of consumers are exposed to fleet vehicles weekly
    • 87% of those surveyed can recall ads displayed on vehicles
    • 98% of respondents believe fleet advertising creates a positive brand image equal to billboard advertising
  8. How does the system compare with other truck advertising systems?
    • It is the only known legal application in North America due to width regulations and less wind resistance, therefore more fuel efficient
    • Less expensive than metal frame systems
    • Lighter than metal systems (8lbs vs. 75lbs+) therefore, improved fuel efficiency
    • Non-intrusive (No screws, rivets, or bolts) therefore, no holes in trailer or rust/grime build-up causing costly damage and safety issues
    • Our system is invisible therefore, can't really be called a frame system whereas metal systems are 2-4" in width around the entire perimeter causing up to 80+ square feet loss of ad space (On 2 sides of 53' trailer)
  9. Durability: How long does the system/ads last?
    • Dual lock can be locked ("closed") and unlocked ("opened") for 100+ applications
    • The truck/trailer/sign substrate portion of the system will last the life of that unit
    • Banners can be reused if not damaged and have lasted 2 to 3 years
    • Banners are easily stored for future use
  10. What type of client utilizes this system or truck side advertising?
    • Most companies with private fleets are already employing some sort of truck advertising utilizing self-adhesive full wrap or decal solutions
    • Our program offers the ability to alter the image or message displayed on your fleet without disrupting daily fleet duties (Change both sides of a 53' trailer in less than an hour)
    • Our program is a full wrap solution for the sides of trucks and trailers and therefore, will improve the aesthetics of an aging or damaged fleet vehicle